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Healium Medical

Ultrasound Ablation Reimagined 

Atrial fibrillation treatment system

Echomplish™ Ablation System

Echomplish™ Ablation System

Dual-Mode Ultrasound Technology (DMUT) for non-contact, continuous ablation therapy with real-time tissue monitoring.  DMUT delivers precise ultrasonic energy for safe and rapid lesion placement via miniature transcatheter ultrasound technology and advanced signal and image processing.



One-Size Fits All


No-Contact Ablation


Integrated Monitoring

About Us

At Healium, we focus on significantly simplifying the rapid growing market of ablation procedures with advanced miniaturized ultrasound guided therapeutic technology.  The company proudly operates out of Yokneam, Israel, employs a team of medical technology engineers and ultrasound physicists with hands-on experience in development of ultrasound systems and transcatheter medical devices for the cardiology market space


Atrial Fibrillation
premier International Conference for Innovations


The premier International Conference for Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions.  Healium's won the 1st prize of the ICI 2019 Innovation award, one of the world's most significant and prestigious awards for Medical Interventions Startups and was awarded $100,000 prize by the Jon DeHaan Foundation

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